About gbXML

Green Building XML Schema

It is the language of buildings that allows disparate 3D building information models (BIM) and architectural/engineering analysis software to share information with each other

Speed & Collaboration

Building Industry Benefits

Allows intelligent solutions for the design, certification, operation, maintenance, and recycling of building information models

Platform Friendly

Transfer Between Software

Uses a standard schema language (XML) so that major industry applications can import and export project information no matter the vendor, device, or software platform

Industry Support

Support for gbXML Schema

Has the industry support of leading 3D BIM and analysis software vendors and has been the defacto industry standard schema for over 20 years

Software that Supports gbXML

View a full list of A/E/C software applications (3D-CAD/BIM/Analysis) that are equipped for you to use the gbXML schema.

The Latest Schema

Click here to view the most up-to-date version of the gbXML schema (7.03). Or, click here to view previous versions of the schema.

Sample gbXML Files

Download one or more sample gbXML files (or submit your own) to discover the benefits of using gbXML.

gbXML on GitHub

View open source content that we have available on GitHub.

Current and Prior Test Cases

View the current and prior list of test cases that have been developed to help validate software tools for gbXML compliance.

Validation Test Suite for Vendors

Take advantage of the new 2021 gbXML validator and test suite developed as part of ASHRAE Research Project 1810.