Download gbXML Samples

Download one or more sample gbXML files to see, learn and explore the possibilities of using gbXML in your projects.

gbXML GitHub Repo

The gbXML GitHub repo has many up-to-date gbXML files representing the latest version of the schema.

Click here to go to the gbXML repo.

Conference Center

Carmel Software Corporation

Large multi-story, modern conference center with multiple HVAC systems. [gbXML 0.37]

Download: ConferenceCenter.xml (zip, 157Kb)

Exercise Facility

Carmel Software Corporation

One story building with labs, offices, and a warehouse. [gbXML 0.37]

Download: ExerciseFacility.xml (zip, 9Kb)

Office Building

Carmel Software Corporation

Multi-story office building with 25 individual offices. [gbXML 0.37]

Download: OfficeBuilding.xml (zip, 35Kb)


Upload gbXML Samples

There are now two ways to submit sample gbXML files. You've always been able to submit .zip files, but now you can use GitHub as well.

Use GitHub

If you are familiar with GitHub, then this is a great way to submit new sample gbXML files, view them right away, and also update existing ones (with our permission, of course.). Click here to go to the gbXML sample files repo.

Submit Files

If you would like to submit your own sample files to be included on this page, please a ZIP file to Stephen Roth. Be sure to include a title, description, and company/author credit information.